1. Love your spinners, but man why the high price?

All our work is done either in the USA or Australia on state of the art machines, labour and machine costs are high compared to places like China. The finishing is done by hand. In fact, the only thing in our spinners from China are the bearings simply because its hard to find them anywhere else.

My pricing is as low as is feasible, I am an individual maker working in my spare time, so mass production pricing just isn’t possible, nor would it achieve the quality that is desired. 3D printing (in metal) is in its infancy, so manufacturing costs are high at the moment. Short runs on 5 axis CNC machines are very costly just to get started, let alone unit price.

2. I heard the spin times is only 2 – 3 mins, is that true?

4:30 is the longest spin time I have achieved. The Black Lotus design focus has been on aesthetics and feel, long spin times were never a consideration during the design phase. The Black Lotus is a fidgeter, not a long spinner.

3. Is the pricing in US dollars?

All pricing is now in US dollars.

4. Why aren't you offering Titanium?

3D printing Titanium is not cheap, Titanium in powder form is highly flammable and has to be handled in a controlled environment. The finish, in particular the intricate details, dont come out very clear. So the cost/quality ratio is very high. If you really want titanium and are happy to live with the drawbacks I could do a special order for you but in general I wont be offering Titanium for these reasons.