Mechanical design these days utilises 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to create 3D virtual objects or models of a large array of products. From these virtual 3D models 2D workshop drawings can be generated for manufacturing, tool paths for programming with CNC machinery and photo realistic renderings for marketing.

What types of products and manufacturing techniques can be designed

  • Water Recycling and other complex plant assemblies

  • Sheet metal - folding, forming, rolling, punching

  • Turned, milled or machined products

  • Injection Moulding

  • 3D Printing

  • Automotive, Locomotive, Aeronautical and Sea going vessels

  • Laser/Water Jet/Plasma profile cutting

  • Jewellery and much more

  • Steel fabrication

  • Electrical goods

Mechanical design using 3D CAD allows us to visualise and test products before picking up any tools to create them, and when it does come time for prototyping to manufacture, drawings and tool paths can be generated from the 3D model.

Yurich Design Services can provide your business with solutions to all your mechanical design needs, allowing your business to take advantage of the efficiency, flexibility and accuracy that 3D CAD can inject into your design and manufacturing processes.

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There’s good reason to choose Yurich Design Services for your business

  • Professional

    We have been providing high quality mechanical design services to businesses for over 7 years now, with many long term customers who have come to rely upon the professional service that we provide.

  • Quality

    We strive for the highest quality not only in the accuracy of our work but also the presentation of our drawings.

  • Flexible

    We work with you at your office or site or remotely and tie into your schedule as your business requires! We will continually work with you throughout every design change until you have exactly what you need.

  • Speed

    Our advanced understanding of Solidworks allows us to produce high quality models and drawings in a very efficient manner.

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