Metal fabrication design has come a long way, humans have been crafting items out of steel and other metals for thousands of years.
These days with CAD software, metal fabrication design has become very efficient and accurate.

Metals like steel, aluminium and titanium are used in a wide range of industries to produce a staggering array of products and parts. The ways in which metals can be fabricated is just as wide ranging.

At Yurich Design Services we are experienced in a number of these areas including

  • Sheet metal – folding, forming, rolling, punching.
  • 3D Printing.
  • General metal fabrication such as frames, trusses, fencing etc made from standard SHS, RHS, RSJ, angle irons, tubes, rounds and flat bar.
  • Turned, milled or machined products.
  • Laser/Water Jet/Plasma profile cutting.

If your business customises your product design to suit the varying needs of customers, then CAD drafting will make your workflow much more efficient. It is very easy to create a particular product with standard features that can be resized to suit a particular project, to the point where typing in the new sizes is all that is required to create a new suite of drawings for that particular project.

Talk to us today about how Yurich Design Services can provide your business with all your CAD Drafting needs.

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3D Printing – Metal fabrication Design

3D printing is a new method of metal fabrication design set to change the face of metal fabrication as we know it, it is already doing this in some industries. Parts that are traditionally turned or milled can be done with 3D printing but with design features that are simply not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques, and its turning out that they can be made stronger as well. While at this point the cost is still quite high, inroads are being made that are set to significantly reduce these costs to the point where 3D printing will out compete traditional machine shops for price, quality and accuracy.

Yurich Design Services has had a number of years’ experience designing and 3D printing in various metals, from steel and titanium to precious metals. 3D CAD software is ideally suited to designing parts for 3D printing and we have the expertise in this area that you’ll need

Talk to us today about your metal fabrication design needs and how Yurich Design Services can bring further value to your metal fabrication production line.