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Looking for design solutions? We can provide your business with:

3D Modelling
2D workshop drawings
3D printing
Sheet metal design
Steel fabrication design

Product Design
Fluid Control
Jewellery Design
and more

Yurich Design Services

Do you need 3D CAD models done for your next project? Detailed manufacturing drawings of your latest product? or Prototyping your next product or invention? Yurich design services can provide the above and more for your business, in a pleasant, swift and economical way.

My name is Ben Richardson. I have been providing the above services to businesses across Australia for over 6 years now with many happy and returning customers. I am able to work in your office or remotely as needed. If you need someone to do your CAD work but cant justify putting on someone full time, here is where I can step in and provide what you need when you need in a cost efficient manner.

Below you can find some examples of the work I can do for your business… or you can find out more about me by clicking here.

Have a design project, Yurich Design services can help you.

Customers we serve

Iwaki Pumps Australia Pty Ltd have used Yurich Design Services for all their drafting work for the past 6 years. Over this period both our companies have developed a good working relationship. I would have no hesitation in recommending Yurich Design Services to anybody who may require the services of a top notch draftsperson.

Sean Vartha

Iwaki Pumps Australia Pty Ltd

With years of experience, we can tackle all your design needs.


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