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We specialise in 3D design, drafting and 3D printing.

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Yurich Design Services
3D Modeling, design and drafting services.

3D printing services and products.

Have a design project, Yurich Design services can help you.

Yurich Design Services

Do you need 3D CAD models done for your next project? Detailed manufacturing drawings of your latest product? or Prototyping your next product or invention? Yurich design services can provide the above and more for your business, in a pleasant, swift and economical way.

My name is Ben Richardson. I have been providing the above services to businesses across Australia for over 6 years now with many happy and returning customers. I am able to work in your office or remotely as needed. If you need someone to do your CAD work but cant justify putting on someone full time, here is where I can step in and provide what you need when you need in a cost efficient manner.

Below you can find some examples of the work I can do for your business… or you can find out more about me by clicking here.

With years of experience, we can tackle all your design needs.

Design Examples

Steel Fabrication

Manufacturing drawings

General Arrangements and layouts

Mechanical design

Sheetmetal design

Photo realistic rendering

Fluid control

3d Design

Patent drawings

I can work off sketches drawn on the back of napkins or picking up your legacy CAD/CAM assets to continue to refine your designs and products. I predominately use Solidworks, but can integrate with other CAD packages as required.

Customers we serve

All your Computer Aided Design completed in high quality and to your specifications.


I began to teach myself how to use Solidworks over 10 years ago when my passion for off roading was starting to take off. Serious off roading requires a seriously modified vehicle, I could make things and weld them together but had not yet learnt how to design them. I understood suspension geometry and such things, but now I needed to design my own components.

It took a few years of mucking around on and off, but soon realised I had a talent for design. Soon I was enrolling to study Mechanical Engineering to cement my destiny in the path I am currently on. Before that I had worked as fitter machinist, and have also worked in the IT industry, both of these experiences have helped me to become a better designer.

I have recently worked on a joint venture project in China, designing desert racing vehicles, which are now performing very well in local races there. I have worked in the water treatment industry designing dosing skids all the way up to full water recycling plants. Steel fabrication and sheet metal are also other areas I like to design in, I have worked on many projects in this area.

At this point, my Solidworks skills are advanced, I am able to produce high quality models and drawings in a very efficient manner, whether it be solid modelling, surfacing or sheet metal. I would really like the opportunity to work on your next project, you can contact me if you like, even just to have a chat about your ideas, I am always glad to help.

Thanks for your interest in Yurich Designs Services, I look forward to working with you soon.

Yurich design services can provide the above and more for your business, in a pleasant, swift and economical way.


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