To create something out of this world and out of this time. To create objects of the finest detail possible that you can wear, carry or collect.

My name is Ben Richardson and this is the ethos that drives my work forward. An engineer and technician by day, creator of things by night. I use my engineering tools to transform my ideas into objects of practical art.

I use the latest CAD and sketching software to create digital models, these are then used in 3D printing machines to create a real version of this model. Pieces can be sold directly from the printer, but many of my pieces go under final polishing and finishing by hand.

I have worked as an engineer for a number of years, involved in industries such as water recycling, metal fabrication and product design. This all began with my interest in 4x4 vehicles. I had always been pretty good with my hands and I could draw reasonably well, over many years I developed these skills as a hobby, namely modifying 4x4 vehicles.

Over the course of about 4 years I took myself from noob mechanic to automotive designer, first modifying my own 4x4, to then building a vehicle from scratch (well, off road buggy). During this time I had picked up CAD software and began to teach myself by doing, it took a few years but after a while I became quite fluent with CAD and could just about design anything I could think of.

This all lead to my first real business, working as a contract design engineer, which I still do and it’s something I always enjoy. But there was still something missing…

Engineering is very “real”, many things need to be considered when designing something for practical uses in the real world, it really can be a headache sometimes. There was an artist inside me that needed to get out and engineering wasn’t providing that outlet. Creating art is less “real” and therefore more relaxing and I can let my imagination go into many directions without too much restriction. While I do enjoy the challenges that engineering can bring, exploring my artistic side is by far the preferred path I would like to follow.

Im a Star Wars kid, so my art is heavily influenced by Sci-fi themes but I like to mix high tech with old tech. I also have an interest in occult and philosophical themes and the great mystery itself so this also has an influence on my style. Everything you see in my shop was designed by me, most of the time I will just start drawing in Solidworks, if I’m really on a roll I can have a designed finished in a day, but this is a rare occurrence. Many of my pieces have evolved over many weeks and months of iterations to get to the point of being ready for sale.

I hope you enjoy my works as much as I enjoy creating them, and thanks for taking the time to read about me and my shop.