2D CAD Drafting & Drawings

2D CAD Drafting & Drawings 1

Drafting is now done with CAD, gone are the days of drawing product views with pencil and rule. The same can be said for marking out on the workpiece with marking blue and a scribe. CAD Drafting now allows for much more flexibility and efficiency when it comes to designing a product.

Utilising state of the art CAD software like Solidworks, Yurich Design Services can allow your business to take full advantage of this technology to streamline your manufacturing and R&D.

What are the benefits of using CAD drafting
over traditional methods?


With 3D CAD, production of workshop drawings has become very efficient, once a 3D model has been created of the product, 2D drawings with a multitude of views, section views and annotations can be created with relative ease and efficiency.


In most cases it’s easy to change drawings when changes or additions are required. Just update the 3D model with the changes, sometimes a few adjustments are needed, but overall compared to traditional methods it is more efficient.


Drawings produced from CAD software have a professional, high quality and clean look that clearly shows all the information necessary for manufacturing the product. It is also very easy to create high quality marketing images for brochures etc.

Modern CAD Design

2D CAD Drafting & Drawings 1
If your business customises your product design to suit the varying needs of customers, then CAD drafting will make your workflow much more efficient. It is very easy to create a particular product with standard features that can be resized to suit a particular project, to the point where typing in the new sizes is all that is required to create a new suite of drawings for that particular project. Talk to us today about how Yurich Design Services can provide your business with all your CAD Drafting needs.

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What Our Clients Say?

Yurich Design Services is a very professional, knowledgeable and accomplished engineer who has helped us on load capacity software simulations as well as creating a wide range of detailed technical drawings. Nothing was ever too hard, and all amendments and adjustments were made in a timely manner to complete each and every job.
I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Yurich Design Services to anyone.
Chris Booker
Iwaki Pumps Australia Pty Ltd have used Yurich Design Services for all their drafting work for the past 6 years. Over this period both our companies have developed a good working relationship. I would have no hesitation in recommending Yurich Design Services to anybody who may require the services of a top notch draftsperson.
Sean Vartha
Yurich design services have been doing all our CAD work for over a year now, Ben provides a consistent and quality service that has become invaluable to our business. We predominantly do sheet metal fabrication customised to the needs of our clients, nothing is too hard and all jobs are completed in a timely fashion. The level of efficiency Bens services adds to our production schedule more than pays for itself.
Luke Bodyworks

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