Most companies developing new products are intending to have them made in Asia, but in order for these companies to produce your product they will need drawings of course, but in many cases a real prototype to work off is required, and also in many cases prototypes need to be created locally for testing purposes. The communication barriers between Australia and many of these countries is significant so it pays to have prototyping done locally to ensure your product is going to be fit for purpose when it leaves the production line.

Why choose Yurich Design Services to do your prototyping?

  • Experience with general fabrication and 3D Printing. If we cant do it in house we have a number of trusted local manufacturers who can.
  • Efficiency – Many companies in China and elsewhere are set up for mass production, they
    are not equipped to produce short runs, nor do they want to, and even if they did youll still need to wait for the prototype to be shipped to you, then if changes need to be made youll have to go through the process all over again. Having a locally made prototype will speed this process up significantly and will usually lead to a better result.
  • Cost – As above, while mass producers can make your product at a cheaper price, this is only
    due to the volume, one off prototypes will not be as cheap as you might think. Locally
    produced prototypes will save you money in a number of ways as discussed above.

Prototyping and research & development are also secretive endeavours to ensure IP security and being first to market, having prototyping done in foreign countries where enforcing non disclosure agreements is basically non existent is a risky move for any business. The value of having someone local that you can trust working on your next great idea should be self evident. Yurich Design services is that local someone you can trust, talk to us today about how we can help
you prototype your next great idea.

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What Our Clients Say?

Yurich Design Services is a very professional, knowledgeable and accomplished engineer who has helped us on load capacity software simulations as well as creating a wide range of detailed technical drawings. Nothing was ever too hard, and all amendments and adjustments were made in a timely manner to complete each and every job.
I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Yurich Design Services to anyone.
Chris Booker
Iwaki Pumps Australia Pty Ltd have used Yurich Design Services for all their drafting work for the past 6 years. Over this period both our companies have developed a good working relationship. I would have no hesitation in recommending Yurich Design Services to anybody who may require the services of a top notch draftsperson.
Sean Vartha
Yurich design services have been doing all our CAD work for over a year now, Ben provides a consistent and quality service that has become invaluable to our business. We predominantly do sheet metal fabrication customised to the needs of our clients, nothing is too hard and all jobs are completed in a timely fashion. The level of efficiency Bens services adds to our production schedule more than pays for itself.
Luke Bodyworks

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