Product Design

Product design without CAD is like a fish without water. With markets now global, competition is high and the struggle for business’ to get new, cheaper products to market in a fast and efficient manner is harder than ever.

Business’ need experienced CAD designers to design and improve products to stay competitive, without having the capabilities of CAD it’s basically a nonstarter for any business trying make their way in the market.

Hence CAD is the standard tool for any product designer these days, a tool that can be used to design a wide and varying range of products and parts, not only single items but large complex assemblies.

Yurich Design Services has extensive experience designing products for a range of industries including

  • Water treatment – Small dosing skids all the way up to full treatment plants

  • 3D printing – both plastic and metal.

  • Injection moulding

  • Metal fabrication products

  • Automotive – vehicle design and components

  • Sheet metal products

  • Jewellery

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Why choose Yurich Design Services for your Product design?

  • Experience

    We have experience in a range of different fields and industries, having a broad overview helps to make better decisions during the design process.

  • Efficiency

    Extensive experience using CAD software allows a streamlined process from idea to design, coupled with the flexibility that CAD allows, a number of iterations and alternative concepts on the same idea can be explored in a very short period of time.

  • Professional

    Our customer focused and highly professional service, relied upon by our long term customers, means you’ll be getting the best service you could invest in.

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