Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal design is used in a wide variety of industries from air conditioning ducting to appliances. Rather than weld a series of panels and brackets together, welding can be mostly avoided with a well designed sheet metal part. CAD software like Solidworks can not only create accurate 3D sheet metal parts and products, it can unfold them to create flat profiles that can be cut out on CNC plasma or laser cutters. Solidworks can also produce detail drawings that can be used by the sheet metal tradesman for folding and assembly.

The importance of an experienced sheet metal designer

A well designed sheet metal part or product can save significant time in production and help to reduce errors in manufacturing, with less welding needed on the part it can also help to minimise warpage associated with welding. An experienced sheet metal designer should know the limitations and strengths of sheet metal design making the process from idea to production fast and efficient.

At Yurich Design Services we have over 10 years experience designing sheet metal parts used in a wide range of industries including
  • Filtration screens for water treatment

  • Appliance covers and casings

  • Tool box and bin designs

  • Vehicle body building

  • Automotive design – control arms, axle housings and panelling etc

  • Bracketry and tabs of all shapes and sizes.

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Saving time and money with good sheet metal design

Even parts or products made from various plates welded together can benefit from good sheet metal design. Tabs and plates can be designed with fixing tabs and slots to minimise expensive and cumbersome jigs, to the point where the welder simply tacks the tab or plate in place using a “tongue and slot” to position the tab in the exact position required with only needing to check for squareness before final welding.

In some cases where tabs or brackets have been traditionally welded together, a good sheet metal designer could eliminate welding completely. CAD allows us designers the ability to run through various methods to achieve an outcome without leaving the computer and we can go through this at the clients office or remotely using video chat and screen sharing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your sheet metal design needs.